Facts to Help Those Struggling With Acceptance & Affirmation

 The national Academy of Pediatrics has come out in favor of marriage rights
for gay and lesbian couples. After a review of 30 years pf research literature,
it concluded that children of same-sex couples showed the same outcomes as
those from opposite sex couples.
 When the Supreme court ruled in favor of biracial marriage (Loving v.
Virginia, 1967) there was no request for “evidence” that the outcomes for
biracial children would be the same as for same-race children
 Changes in public opinion, with the majority now favoring same-sex
marriage, seems to be based primarily on more people having personal
relationships with someone who is gay. Making a personal connection with
someone who is different from you seems to be most helpful in developing
tolerance and acceptance
 Research on “reparative therapy” intended the alter individual’s sexual
orientation is clear that the science has firmly established that gender
identity and sexual orientation are not choices (Reitman).
 Jesus never addressed the issue of homosexuality. One can be “Christian”
and affirming of all of God’s children.