Maslow’s Six Basic Needs

Throughout life all of a person’s behavior depends upon whether or not
his/her basic needs have been met and are being met. These “basic needs”
have been stated in a variety of ways. We will consider the six basic
needs, stated as follows:

  1. PHYSICAL NEEDS: warmth, food, shelter, clothing, rest
  2. NEED FOR SAFETY: security needs, having others protect us from
    harm, predictability; freedom from fear
  3. NEED FOR BELONGING: to family, friends, society at large
  4. NEED FOR LOVE: from others, and self-love
  5. NEED FOR SELF-ESTEEM: to believe that we are a person of worth;
    to feel a sense of competence
  6. NEED FOR SELF-ACTUALIZATION: success, creativity to develop
    into the best person we can be to reach our full potential

*Maslow, Abraham. Motivation and Personality.
New York: Harper and Row, 1954