Any discussion of cultural competence must deal with human diversity, the real source of our need to have the discussion at all. Without that diversity we would all be the same and understanding each other would be relatively
simple. The golden rule? “Treat other as you would have them treat you.” Would be far easier to practice and would perhaps not be needed as
the other would be us. What a dull world it would be. Human diversity is a huge topic. To discuss it accurately we would have to take into consideration every human being, living and dead and all of the special dynamics of each life. That being impossible we are restricted by our limited perceptions to understanding individuals using generalities and categories that we can relate to. Therein lies the source of the wonder and the problem. We describe human beings based on our assumptions about where to fit them into our world view. We are faced with the question of how to relate to them when we have no real predictability and, in that case, there are going to be consequences. What are they, and what are the issues?
Some things I have considered: safety, affection, relationships, belonging, our own self-concept.

In short, we must decide who is safe and who is a threat.