There is no social construct for “ambi-sexual” people. No other group accepts bisexual people. There is no bi-sexual community. Bi-sexual do not have roles on
Bi-sexual people, more than gay people, stir up fears in many individuals because
they infer that we are not “fixed” in our sexual inclinations. Most bisexual people
believe that all people are born bisexual and have the capacity for bisexuality, but
socialization is able to repress that urge on a large scale.
Bisexuality has become one of the most controversial issues within both the
“straight” and “gay” communities. While some straight and gay people will state
that they don’t believe they have a choice with regard to their orientation,
bisexuality can seem to imply that some of the people who have sex with others of
their gender do have a “choice”.
“Biphobic” has emerged as a term for categorizing doubters and detractors of true
bisexuality much as homophobic has long been used as a label for antigay forces
Although bisexual people suffer from lack of a “support community” they also
benefit from their involvement with both sexes and do not seem to elicit as much
fear and hatred from others as homosexual people do.
To some in the gay community bisexuals are frauds, fence sitters, “closet cases”
who are afraid to come out and/or who feel that being attracted to persons of the
other- as well as the same- gender means they are still “real” men or women
Being Bisexual as an adolescent or young adult may be part of seeking out one’s
true “orientation” or it may indicate a true bisexual nature.