Homosexual Teens

Sexual Orientation
Sexual orientation is an enduring emotional, romantic, sexual or affectional
attraction to another person.
It is different from biological sex, gender identity- the psychological sense
of being male or female- and the social gender role (adherence to cultural
norms for feminine and masculine behavior).
Human sexuality cannot be tidily assorted and from almost any perspective,
human sexuality is a continuum.
Most professionals concerned with the exploration of sexuality believe that
all humans are born with “ambisexual capabilities” and retain them
throughout life.
Sexual orientation exists along a continuum. The continuum ranges across a
scale from purely heterosexual to purely homosexual. This continuum is true
affection, attraction, inclination, fantasy and behavior.
Kinsey continuum (Alfred Kinsey)
Exclusively heterosexual behavior
Predominately heterosexual, with minor homosexual behavior
Predominately heterosexual with moderate homosexual behavior
Equally heterosexual and homosexual behavior
Predominately homosexual with moderate heterosexual behavior
Predominately homosexual with minor heterosexual behavior
Exclusively homosexual behavior
*Recently Kinsey’s Institute for Sex Research proposed a “fantasy” continuum as a
complement to the behavior continuum

Who One Is vs. What One Does: Sexual orientation is a matter of the heart
and is separate from behavior.
 One can be “gay” but celibate
 One can be in a heterosexual relationship but be gay
 One can engage in homosexual relationships due to circumstance but be