Who is Behaving Badly?

Your Supervisor or a Co-Worker?

Is an Employee the Problem?

A workplace should be well-equipped with in-house resources. In many cases, the offending employee doesn’t know that their behavior has offended the victim. Issues like these are relatively simple to resolve.Approach the situation by clearing the lines of communication.Employees should be given the opportunity to report any issues they’re having with other colleagues, and they should feel confident that their complaint will be taken seriously.

  • Develop an internal complaint system that employees feel comfortable using.
  • Train managers, supervisors, and HR professionals to detect and resolve hostility at work.
  • Train the right people to effectively investigate complaints.

Approach the situation by clearing the lines of communication. Explain that the harassers behavior is offensive, inappropriate, or discriminatory. Explain that their behavior has someone else uncomfortable and won’t be tolerated in the workplace.

Is Management the Problem?

If a hostile working environment is being encouraged by senior-level staff, the best way to approach the situation is by changing the culture of the company. Encourage change by:

  • Implementing training focused on the many types of discrimination
  • Implementing training focused on hostile work environments in general
  • Building and strengthening relationships through company events
  • Developing strict policies and guidelines concerning behavior at work (such as a Code of Conduct.)
  • Enforcing these policies – don’t let them collect dust