Lesson 6. Sample Sexual Harassment Policy 5m

Sample 1: Sexual Harassment Policy

The purpose of a sexual harassment prevention policy is to prevent and prohibit inappropriate conduct which constitutes sexual harassment. The agency has zero tolerance toward any type of discrimination or harassment. Employees are expected to adhere to a standard of conduct that is respectful of all persons within the work environment. Off-duty activities that affect the work environment may also be subject to departmental review and action.

Any form of sexual harassment or retaliation by staff members and/or clients will not be tolerated.

Per Government Code section 12940, employees are also personally liable for prohibited harassment perpetrated by the employee. Staff members have a responsibility to document and immediately report all situations where action by employees and/or clients may constitute sexual harassment to employees, clients, or visitors. Employees, volunteers, and/or clients who engage in conduct prohibited under this policy or who fail to immediately report harassment will be subject to appropriate action including discipline.