4. Case Plan Documentation

Sample Case Plan Document

Sensitive Health Information may include a youth’s pregnancy status, treatment for an STI, a youth’s gender identity or sexual orientation. A youth may not want everyone to know these types of information about them.

Examples of categories of sensitive health information:
• Sexual activity
• Contraception use
• Pregnancy status
• Sexual orientation
• Gender identity
• STI and HIV status or screening
• Most information the youth doesn’t want shared
Note: information is still sensitive EVEN IF the youth has granted permission for some to know

This type of sensitive health information does not belong in the case plan. By using the newly provided fields, this should not be an issue.
Outside of these fields in the case plan, this information should be protected whenever possible by
• Avoid unnecessary personal details and be thoughtful about wording.
• Being aware of what the documentation may be used for down the road—court documents, health and education passports, etc.
• Who may have access to the documentation later on in other contexts such as court or school settings
• Honor and protect the youth’s information—this is their life, not just their case
• Some youth will be more comfortable with sharing information than others, help them to use their best judgement
• Empower young people to understand this information is their own

Each County operates differently so seek out guidance from your counties leadership/ Policies on how best and where to document sensitive case information.