Concept of Normalcy

What can county agencies do to promote normalcy?
County agencies should review and revise agency policies to allow youth in foster care the ability to take part in everyday activities, without the unnecessary involvement of case managers, supervisors, other agency personnel, or the court system in approving these activities. While agencies may have policies that define these everyday activities or set parameters on time, place and manner of caregivers exercising reasonable and prudent parent decision-making (e.g. ensuring school attendance, complying with court orders, or notifying caseworker), agency policies should not create barriers to or prevent participation in everyday activities. Caregivers should be given the freedom and the support to parent, using the reasonable and prudent parenting standard. Agencies should also ensure that caseworkers and are trained on normalcy, know the agency’s policies and provide youth,resource families and residential agencies with appropriate supports to achieve normalcy for foster youth.