Concept of Normalcy

Applying the Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard
In order to apply the reasonable and prudent parent standard, Certified/Licensed foster parents, resource family’s and residential providers must take “reasonable steps” to determine the appropriateness of the request, activity, or situation before approving it. These steps include:
– Considering the best interests of a child based on information known to the caregiver.
– This may include information about the child’s history, needs and services plan, any requests from social workers, and any orders by the court.
– Considering the child’s age, mental and physical health, behavioral tendencies, maturity, and developmental level.
– Determining if there are any inherent risks of harm involved in the activity.
– The Caregiver may consider factors that minimize the risk of harm, such as wearing safety equipment or ensuring that there is appropriate supervision for the activity (e.g. a lifeguard on duty at the pool).