Lesson 9: Sexual Harassment Prevention 20m

Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention

  • Clarify workplace and conduct expectations with a clear and thorough anti-harassment policy.
  • The tone from the top significantly influences employee behavior – make sure senior leaders are setting a good example.
  • Reduce risk by taking precautions. Go ahead – draw up that consensual relationship agreement and limit alcohol at office parties. If the risk is too high, reduce the risk.
  • Educate and implement training. Educate your staff to be more aware of inappropriate behavior, and better equipped to detect and prevent incidents. Try to avoid emphasizing liability during annual sexual harassment seminars. The legal burden is not the point.
  • Discourage bad behavior. A policy only goes so far if you’re not enforcing it. No more overlooking bad behavior and no more “letting it slide”.
  • Monitor the workplace and be involved. Know the warning signs of bad behavior and don’t be afraid to ask if things are ok.
  • Offer an internal complaint system (preferably with the option to remain anonymous). Then, teach people how to use it.
  • Support victims. Forbid retaliation and do what you can to provide safety and support for victims.
  • Resolve incidents. Acknowledge complaints, respond carefully, investigate quickly and discipline accordingly.