Transgender Issues

Obstacles for Transgender Youth to Face

 They may be thrown out of the house when their family or foster family
discovers their identity, forcing them to live on the streets
 They typically face harassment and abuse in school to such an extent that
they quit, which makes it hard for them to get a decent paying job
 Even if they are able to complete their education, they have difficulty
finding and keeping almost any kind of job because of overt discrimination
 If they live on the streets or are s sex worker (due to poverty and lack of
other options) they are at greater risk for abusing drugs, becoming infected
with HIV, and being subjected to anti-transgender violence
 Many lack access to healthcare, including proper counseling and medical
supervision. Even if they do get medical care they frequently face
discrimination and hostility from health care workers. As a result some
decide to treat themselves by buying underground hormones, which may be
 Gender reassignment surgery is beyond the means of most who identify as
transgender and is not covered by most health insurance policies
 The result of their particular challenges is high rates of depression, drug and
alcohol abuse, and thoughts of suicide (more than 1/3 report such thoughts)
 Transgender people who can “pass” often seek to remain closeted, so trans
youth often do not have visible role models and mentors

Challenge for care providers: dealing with hormone treatments for transgender
young people