Adult Residential Facility Phone Consulting (Hourly)

$150.00 Hourly Phone Consultation

Need individualized consulting services for opening or running your Adult Residential Program or Adult day Care? The government process is challenging for most people and it is useful to get the guidance of an agency owner or administrator –  someone who has many years of experience with dealing with the different government agencies in Southern California and the challenges of opening and running an adult program.

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Training Description

Our consultants, have been owners and administrators of adult programs for many years, and they provide the expertise you need to avoid the pitfalls of setting up and maintaining a care facility.   We aid you in setting up the needed procedures and walk you through maintaining an adult residential facility.

Order the amount of hours you’ll need and the payment will be processed here.  Call us and we’ll schedule the time with you.

Some payment options are

  • $150/hour for phone consultation
  • $250/hour for in person consultation
  • $500 for 3 hours of in person consultation

As a special for first time clients we will only charge you $100 for your first hour of phone consultation.